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Ortho & Joint Replacement


The Dr Kamlesh Tandon Hospital offers superlative services in orthopedics department that includes joint replacement, sports medicine, spine surgery, surgery of the hand and wrist, surgery of the shoulder and elbow, surgery of the foot and ankle and rehabilitation. Dr Kamlesh Tandon Hospital in-houses best in class but affordable surgeries in arthroscopy. Our efficient team of doctors in the field can be said to have been behind some remarkable operations in the Orthopaedic sector of India. We have a wide range of services like Sports medicine and Arthroscopy, major joint replacements, correction of hand and foot deformities, spinal care, bone tumour surgery, PaediatricOrthopaedic surgery, to Physical therapy. Equipping the physicians with the latest technology and high level operating rooms, with advanced operating suites and gadgets is been maintained to be the main focus of the organization. In order to ensure full safety and the welfare of a patient, the organization also contains high level diagnostics and recovery suits.

Keeping in mind a patient’s aspiration of superior level treatments but with minimal pain, various treatment options with high technology are offered like Minimally Invasive Surgical options for joint replacements, spinal surgeries and fracture fixation, Computer-Navigated Surgery, and robotic-aided surgeries.

KEY FEATURES: Hand surgery | Shoulder and elbow surgery | Total joint reconstruction | Paediatric orthopedics | Foot and ankle surgery | Spine surgery | Musculoskeletal oncology | Surgical sports medicine | Bankart Repair | Knee Arthroscopy | Rotator Cuff | Shoulder Arthroscopy | Total Hip Replacement | Total Knee Replacement